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Name giving of a new tugboat ALCOL
On 02.06.17 the Bulgarian flag of the newest and most modern tug of the Bulgarian Maritime Navigation (Navibulgar) was flying. The tug was built at the Dolphin Shipyard. The name of the tug "ALCOR" was given by Mrs. Kalina Todorova, who traditionally broke a bottle of champagne in the board of the new ship and wished a favorable wind and seven feet under the keel. The name comes from the star Alcor, always located beside star Mizar, together form a double star in the tail of the constellation Ursa Majore (Great Bear). Their Arabic names mean horse and rider. The star is also known by the fact that in the past the captains have tested seafarers if they see it well. If they see it, then they can see the ships on the horizon.
ALCOR has a length of 27.6 m. The propeller type is an azimut type (Azipod). It has two Caterpillar machines, 1800 hp each, and 40 tons weight of hook. All this particulars allows for high maneuverability and reliability. The tug will work in the Burgas aquatory. Two more tugboats are already ordered, which will be allocated to the relevant areas, according to the needs for their use.
Last but not least, we can not fail to note the joyous fact that Bulgarian Maritime Navigation (Navibulgar) and Dolphin Shipyard are members of Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping. We wish them success!


Varna District Court registered the new Management Board of a non-profti organization "Bulgarian Maritime Chamber" as follows:
Angel Anegnostiev
Bogdan Bogdanov
Veselin Genov
Vladimir Varbanov
Valentin Velinov
Dimitar Dimitrov
Ivaylo Gavrilov
Nikola Hristov
Krasimir Todorov
Plamen Prodanov
Plamen Dimitrov
Svetlin Stoyanov
Svilen Kraychev
The Chamber is represented by:
Chairman - Bogdan Bogdanov
Secretary - Svilen Kraychev ...


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